Whether you browse or buy - please enjoy and don't be a stranger! If we haven't made anything clear, please contact us. We love hearing from our members.

  1. About Us

    1. PeopleServe is operated on behalf of your employer by Reward Gateway (UK) Ltd. We are registered in England and Wales (No. 5696250) at 265 Tottenham Court Road, London, W1T 7RQ. Registered under the Data Protection Act (No. Z964960X). Referred to as “we” or “us” below.
    2. This website enables access to discounts, savings and Cashback arranged with retailers to save you money, and other benefits chosen by your employer. These will have their own set of terms and conditions you'll need to accept if you wish to take up any of the benefits offered.
    3. Your employer funds this service to provide a genuine employee benefit to you and all discounts, Cashback and commission that we get from retailers is used for your benefit.
    4. Our Privacy Policy explains how we manage your info. Your activity is 100% confidential. We neither share nor sell details of your shopping habits.
    5. We regularly improve the website. Except in an emergency and occasional special updates, we won't shut the site without notice.
  2. Your Account

    1. Your account will remain active until your employer informs us that you're no longer eligible - then we'll allow two years for Cashback withdrawals.
    2. Or if you don't use your account for two years, it will become inactive and your right to withdraw Cashback will expire.
    3. If we feel you are using the website fraudulently or commercially, we'll suspend your access and investigate.
  3. Website Content

    1. We work hard to ensure information is accurate but acknowledge no-one's perfect. If we make a mistake we'll put things right so you don't lose out.
    2. Retailers do change their offers and sometimes withdraw with no notice. When this happens, we'll do everything in our power to find good alternatives.
    3. When you click through to a retailer be aware that they'll have their own rules which you'll be agreeing to if you choose to purchase from them. We'll do all we can to help if something goes wrong, but neither we nor HomeServe can take legal liability for the offers or content on their website. Please read information any website that you link through to carefully.
    4. When we mention HomeServe, Reward Gateway or a retailer on the site (whether that's a name, some information or a logo), they are protected by trademarks and copyright so it's essential that you don't use any website content without our permission.
    5. Our website information is intended to help - neither we nor HomeServe are advising which retailers to choose or buy from - that decision is yours!
  4. Cashback

    1. You qualify for Cashback on online purchases if you use our website link before completing an order. It's fine to browse the retailer's website at your leisure, but if you choose to look at other offers from other sources before using our Cashback offer, then ensure our link is the last one you use before ordering.
    2. It's okay to use a discount code listed on our website and qualify for Cashback. If you choose to use a discount code from another source, it's unlikely we'll be able to award you with Cashback too. The retailer will award your sale to the distributor of the code and won't pay out any Cashback as a result.
    3. Occasionally Cashback tracking goes wrong and you won't see an eligible retailer purchase listed on your Cashback statement. If this happens then tell us within 45 days and we'll submit a claim. We'll know you've visited that retailer using our link but you'll need to provide us with an order reference.
    4. If you have a problem completing an order with a retailer online and finish your order by phone or in person, then Cashback may not be awarded. You need to be particularly careful with insurance or mobile phone orders that may need a follow up call - if the payment doesn't work online we'll be unable to claim Cashback.
    5. If you return goods or cancel services and get a refund/credit the retailer is likely to reverse Cashback. This can also apply if you've returned or cancelled part of your order. If this happens after you've withdrawn it, then you'll have a negative balance and subsequent Cashback earnings will pay that back.
    6. Occasionally Cashback may appear in your account when you've not completed a purchase. This is a retailer tracking error and nothing to worry about - please let us know and we'll remove it. If we credit or award Cashback in error, then we have the right to remove it when we find out.
    7. In legal terms, unredeemed Cashback has value of £0.00001 for every £1.00 showing in your account. When we authorise a withdrawal request we'll convert it at the rate that you expect, £1 Cashback = £1 real money.
    8. Our discount codes work in conjunction with the Cashback offered on our site, but they won’t work with discount codes from other sources. If you do decide to use a discount code from another source, it’s unlikely we’ll be able to award you Cashback as the retailer will pay the Cashback to the site that you got the code from.
  5. Instant Vouchers, Reloadable Cards & Paper Vouchers

    1. We sell vouchers for a range of retailers and provide the advertised discount at your point of purchase provided you top up by going to the reloadable card section in “My Account”. The delivery method for vouchers differs from retailer to retailer (e.g. instant vouchers, reloadable cards and paper vouchers) and because of this, so does our ability to provide you with a refund if you change your mind after buying vouchers. Please read our Refund Policy for further info.
    2. Please ensure you're happy with the retailer's terms and conditions when buying vouchers, as you'll be bound by these when you spend your vouchers with them.
    3. Occasionally something goes wrong which affects our ability to ensure your reloadable card is loaded at the expected time. We'll let you know if we're aware of an issue, but to prevent any inconvenience, please check your balance before using your card. You can do that easily online or by calling our Helpdesk.
    4. Vouchers are like cash so please take care with them. If lost, like cash, the finder will be very happy! That said, if you lose a reloadable card, please let our Helpdesk know speedily and we'll block the remaining balance and arrange a transfer to a new card. Unfortunately we can't do the same for paper or instant vouchers.
    5. When retailers close down, vouchers are often refused and usually voucher holders, and anyone with any remaining balance on a Reloadable Card, are not entitled to their money back from the retailer. We will do everything we can to obtain a refund from the retailer for our users, but please be aware this is unlikely and not always possible, for example, if the retailer has gone into administration. We therefore recommend only buying vouchers that you plan to spend in the near future.
    6. Instant Vouchers have expiration dates set by the retailer. You can see the expiration date by viewing the voucher from your account.
  6. Our Liability

    1. We'll help out as much as possible if an issue arises but neither we nor HomeServe will take responsibility for any losses that arise as a result of a decision you have made while using this service - unless we've done something deliberately negligent or underhand and we have zero intention of doing that. Please read information on our website or any website that you link through to carefully.
  7. Final Thought

    1. We've put a lot of effort into making these terms and conditions easy to read - so you don't need a magnifying glass or dictionary to understand what you're agreeing to! If something is unclear then please contact us. Your feedback helps us make our service even better - something we're extremely passionate about!

Updated August 2018